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Duster's Unexpected Attic Adventure

In the tranquil field of the Historic Alasa Farms, where the Cracker Box Palace offers refuge to various animals, Duster, a working barn cat, started his adventure.

Duster in the farm
Meet Duster!

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, Duster entered the farmhouse to get some food as usual. Looking deeper into the building, he discovered a ladder that an electrician had left in the middle of a walkway, meant for accessing the attic when doing wiring work. With curiosity, Duster carefully ascended the ladder without being noticed by anyone, embarking on an unexplored territory.

The ladder where Duster climbed to access the attic
The ladder & the entrance to the attic

As he explored through the pile of old buckets and newspaper scraps, Duster's whiskers twitched with excitement. Just before Duster claimed sovereignty over the new territory, an electrician climbed up to the attic. Being a bit scared of human beings, Duster tried to hide away from the electrician's sight. However, just as the electrician was about to descend to the floor, they discovered that they had a new apprentice!

Seen by our electrician, Duster quickly went down the ladder step by step, and ran into the fields on the farm - his secret hideout.

A new apprentice electrician
Duster on the attic

Though Duster's attic adventure was brief, it had a lasting impact on everyone and contributed to improving the farm. Following Duster's brave adventure, a new rule was established: the cats are banned from the attic whenever it is open. This ensures the safety of our feline co-workers and the smooth functioning of our operations.

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