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Explore our Trails


Into the North

Bentley Bond

A scenic one way trail that leads to the outlet of Second Creek into the great Sodus Bay. This is a beautiful walk that immerses you in nature, especially for beginner hikers that like to do shorter distances. This trail does have some inclines and declines, which is great for getting prepared for more rugged terrain in the future. The entrance of this red trail does break off to the waterfall of Second Creek. There are sitting spots at the waterfall and at the outlet, so consider bringing a picnic along with you!! 


Thornton Point

A friendly trail for beginners that has different scenery along the way to provide varying layouts. You will experience agricultural layouts, forested lands and winding paths through the berry bushes. It's a great trail to experience in late July/early August because you can stop for a treat along the way. This is one of our flattest trails, making it great for beginner hikers, bikers or horseback riders. The yellow trail does lead back to the farm from both ends, making the trip a great loop to start and end at the farm. This is a farm favorite!


Cracker Box Palace at Historic Alasa Farms celebrates National Trails Day and World Environment Day by an all volunteer day of service!


All volunteers of CBP are invited to the farm for an immersive day of trailwork, including marking trails for the summer and fall seasons, ensuring clean and safe trails for hikers, bikers and horseback riders, clearing out harmful and invasive species from the forested lands and protect the natural habitats that many wildlife call home.


National Trails Day and World Environment Day is part of our bigger commitment to sound conservation and agricultural practices. We are committed to our partnership with Genesee Land Trust and Department of Environmental Conservation to ensure Alasa Farms will remain an oasis to wildlife and nature enthusiasts for many generations to come. 

See our trails featured in the Trail Works Passport program! 

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Groups and organizations are invited to adopt a mile of trail to maintain. Contact us for more info.

Orienteering is an exciting outdoor sport that exercises the body and mind. Navigational skills are required, including using a topographical map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain whilst moving at speed. Once a checkpoint is found by the participant, they will have a hole punch they must collect on their control card to verify they've reached each location. There is no set route, so participants must navigate the best route to take for time efficiency and effectiveness.






Cracker Box Palace hosts the Rochester Orienteering Club every fall to traverse through the trailworks system here at Alasa Farms.


Orienteering is a fun way to explore nature along with exercising your decision making skills.


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Thank you for helping us Conserve our forested land!

Stay safe and happy trails! 

CBP Trail Guidelines

  • No Unauthorized Vehicles Allowed

  • Leave no Trace - Footprints, Pawprints or Hoofprints only

  • Carry in/Carry out- Garbage Receptacles are Available at Farmstead

  • No Hunting, Fishing or Trapping

  • No swimming - There is not a Lifeguard on duty at any time.

  • Share the Trail - Yield to Horseback Riding and Mountain Bikers

  • Clean up after your pets

  • No Unauthorized Fires

  • Trail Hours - Dawn to Dusk

  • Dogs Must Remain on Leash

  • No Alcohol, Firearms or any Weapons

  • Use Caution in Icy or Snowy Conditions

  • Stay on Marked Trails

  • Proper Footwear is Suggested- There is Rough, Uneven Terrain

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