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Our extensive trail system stretches across over 600 acres of woodlands, fields and various types of terrain, offering a perfect and beautiful ride for experienced horseback riders. 


Truck and trailer parking for unloading and loading is located in the field across from the main house and offers quick access to several trail heads. 

Horseback Riding Levels


  • Beginner- Pink, Red, Yellow

  • Intermediate- Green, Blue, Orange

  • Advanced- Purple

  • Off Limits on Horseback- Trail along second creek/waterfall, Pollinator's Paradise and trails marked for "Hiking Only"


Our Annual Eq-Wine Ride is a trail ride for local horseback riders to attend with their friends and horses. It's an opportunity to ride on the beautiful trails of CBP and sample selections of local wines, ciders and craft beverages along the way. Riders are also tasked with completing obstacles along the way to make "wine". Riders try their hand at obstacles such as smashing grapes or putting the cork on the bottle. Entries include the trail ride, a passport, a lanyard, a custom wine glass, samplings of beverages and entries into raffle prize drawings. Our annual Eq-Wine Ride is hosted at Cracker Box Palace on the last Saturday of July.


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grounds & maintenance



Our Annual Legends of Alasa Farms trail ride is an immersive trail ride that allows horseback riders and their horses to take a step back in time. Over 200 years of various legends, tales and other historic short stories are shared with riders along our extensive trail system. Riders come across Bootleggers, Aliens, Ghosts, Spiritualists, and fancy dressed fellows! After this event, you will definitely be hyped up for Halloween!

Legends of Alasa Farms Trail Ride



Can we ride the horses when we visit?

  • No, for the safety of our residents and you. We are a rescue and rehabilitation farm only, not a riding stable.


Do you provide horses for your trail ride events? 

  • No, but you are welcome to bring your own!


If we volunteer, do we get to ride the horses?

  • No, only trained professionals or interns are able to ride. 


My child wants to ride horses, can they come to CBP to learn how to ride?

  • We only provide horsemanship and equine husbandry skills to youth as a stepping stone into the world of horses. Additional skills can be gained at our annual summer camps. We do not offer weekly lesson programs at this time. 

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