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Events are often held in the woods and land, so please check our Facebook page and/or call the farm to learn more, especially before venturing out onto our trails.  

Cracker Box Palace at Historic Alasa Farms maintains hundreds of acres of woods, orchards, row crops and hay fields. 


Explore Cracker Box        Palace at Alasa Farms!

When you visit us, you will find yourself immersed in a historic farm setting complete with our many farm animals.  Enjoy your visit exploring our special "animal village" but keep in mind that historic Alasa Farms comprises over 600 acres of woods, fields, trails and wildlife on Second Creek and overlooking Great Sodus Bay.  Outdoor recreational opportunities abound.


We invite you to come and explore!  

Learn more about our recreational activities

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Photography opportunities

Photographers of all types and ages love Cracker Box Palace and Alasa Farms.  Who doesn't like taking pictures of our beloved animals when they visit? Our many outdoor attractions, such as our forests, fields, vistas, and wildlife are of photographic interest, as well as our historic buildings. We invite you to come with your camera in hand. 

In fact, we love photography so much, we have a Gallery where you can view our photographs and those visitors have taken. We plan to expand our Gallery to include kid’s photos, curated work, and additional photographic resources.


Can I hunt?

No, ​CBP does not allow any hunting, fishing or trapping of any kind on our farm property. Cracker Box Palace has employed Authorized Deer Management Personnel to monitor the property to prevent unauthorized hunting, fishing or trapping of any kind. Proper authorities will be contacted if you are found trespassing with intent of hunting, fishing or trapping of any kind or enter the property with weapons of any kind.


Can I snowmobile on your farm?

Currently CBP does not allow snowmobiles or any other non-maintenance related motor vehicles on our trails.

A marked snowmobile trail passes through the north side of the property, and you will need to check with your local snowmobile club before riding to make sure that trail is open and for more information.

​For questions about Snowmobiles, please visit

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