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All admissions and adoptions must be scheduled by appointment in advance.

Thank you!

Cracker Box Palace is a private shelter and sanctuary. We do follow a closed admission policy. This means that all admissions must be approved through the farm before the intake process is started.

If Cracker Box Palace is unable to assist you with an admission, we offer assistance with rehoming through our social media and offer resources to other shelters and sanctuaries that may be able to assist with your needs. Any social media assistance is used as a marketing tool to help owners find new homes for their animals.

All owners must do their own background checks and ensure the home is a suitable situation for them and their animal. You may also join our waiting list, to receive a call back when status' change among the shelter. 




The Farm Animal Shelter’s goal, as it relates to admissions, is to work closely with individuals and families who find themselves in need of a living situation different from their own home. Because we are a no-kill shelter, some of our animals, once admitted, never leave due to acute health issues, old age, or certain dispositions. These farm animals get to live their days out on the farm at Cracker Box Palace.

To find out more information about admitting your animal, please contact the farm's office at (315) 483-2493 or contact us at To best serve animals in need and so we can be properly prepared to address animal needs, please do not drop off an animal or show up unannounced. 


When our rescued farm animals have been fully rehabilitated, it is our goal to find new, loving and permanent homes for the animals that meet the necessary milestones proving they are adoptable. 


We strive to ensure the right fit between families and their new animals, carefully and strategically matching the right people with the right animal. Those who have knowledge and previous experience are given precedence so they can provide the best care for their new family member. 


We also offer a three (3) month trial foster program which helps all involved ensure a good fit. 

When individuals or families are unable to make a living situation work, the animal is welcomed back to Cracker Box Palace, and different accommodations are made. 

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