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Welcome to the Farm Animal Shelter at Cracker Box Palace. 

The Farm Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter providing services to farmed animals in need. 


The Farm Animal Shelter promotes education and engagement in the community, providing necessary skills of animal husbandry, animal science, animal behavior - beginning the building blocks for veterinarian technology.  


The Farm Animal Shelter at Cracker Box Palace is operated on a daily basis through the efforts of our volunteers, staff, and board of directors. Funding is provided by sponsors, grants, foundations, donated services and items, along with fundraising events throughout the year.

What we do 

The Farm Animal Shelter provides sustaining services to farmed animals that have been victims of abuse, neglect, abandonment, financial crisis, family circumstances, and homelessness. 


Farm Animals come to Cracker Box Palace for a season of rehabilitation from their previous situations. When they are ready to start the next chapter of their stories, we help them find their forever home.  


The Farm Animal Shelter's mission is to provide a place of nurturing rest, safety, and rehabilitation to all farm animals that come into our shelter and under our care. 

Goats in winter

Animals on the Farm

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