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Partnering with SUNY Cobleskill & Students

We were thrilled to provide opportunities to two amazing students!

Cracker Box Palace at Alasa Farms proudly partnered with SUNY Cobleskill to provide educational opportunities and an in­ternship program for two students in Agriculture Education, Agriculture Business and Animal Science.

Harrison VanDeWalle is a student in Agricultural Business and has an affinity for Agricultural Education. Harrison was able to assist us with a Land Use Analysis that provided much needed information to our organiza­tion on our crops around the farm and the plans for them to produce their potential. Through his efforts we have been able to cultivate a larger hay yield this summer . Due to his love for all things Ag, he was a major champion in furthering this partnership with SUNY Cobleskill and engagement with Wayne County school districts . We appreci­ate Harrison and all that he has done for Cracker Box Palace and will continue to do with our Land Use Committee and Historic Committee.

Shelby Fichter is an intern that joined us for the summer of 2021 to target her love of animals, especially horses. Shelby was here to learn more about training horses with the many horses here on the farm that need her calm hand. Shelby also has a focus in nutrition and is excited to learn more about the many different horses on the farm that require very special diets. Shelby has been great at bringing new management ideas to our Horse Barn and our Annual Summer Camps. Shelby has also provided spectacular training to our resident horses Apples, Matt and Dooley. We are excited to work with Shelby through the month of September before she finishes her final se­mester towards her Bachelors in Animal Science.

If you have interest in obtaining an internship with CBP at Alasa Farms, please contact us today!

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