Our Trails


Welcome to our trails! There are approximately 10 miles of trails around the farm, all constructed and cared for by volunteers. We ask that you please  respect the trails, forests, and farmland while you visit. We do not allow hunting, fishing, or motor vehicles on the property. We are a carry in/carry out property! If you or your group would like to hike or ride the trails there are trail maps available at the office or you may download one from this web site. If you are planning a trip to the farm’s trails, we only ask that you stop by the office or barns to let us know you’ll be out in the woods, and that you leave it as you found it. If you are bringing horses, please do check in on where to park horse trailers. And please do follow the trail signs.


About 300 acres of the farm are woods crossed by Second and Third Creek, 108 acres are orchards and there’s over 100 acres of row crops and hay fields that make up the beauty we call home. When Cracker Box Palace decided back in 2009 to purchase the farm, we also took on the preservation of all the woods and farm land too. We met with the Deptartment of Conservation to develop a forestry plan and it was then we partnered with Genesee Land Trust to put in place an easement that would protect the land and farm for the future to remain just as it is now. The farm-scape offers much to see and experience. Our goal was to always leave it to the community to learn from and also serve as an income enough to afford the upkeep on the farm and forests. So the plan was put in place to try and mend the forests from past logging, put in trails all the way around the perimeter of the farm that would serve as the trail system for hiking, wildlife watching, bird and endangered species observations and horse back riding for the public and for the farm staff and Genesee Land Trust to patrol the property to be sure it was protected and preserved. A Fairy Trail was even added just off the farmstead’s property for even the youngest of woods walkers to enjoy.


Events are often offered in the woods and land. Groups and organizations can adopt a mile of trail to maintain. Genesee Land Trust also offers walks and hikes throughout the year, as does the Rochester Orienteering Club . Our trails are also featured in the Trail Works Passport program .Please do visit their web sites  for more information. 

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