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Board Members

Jeff Apfel

Jeff has always been drawn to history and to a sense of place, both of which the farm has in abundance. After he retired from a career in education and finance, he decided to finally take a closer look at what was happening around the corner, at Cracker Box Palace and Alasa Farms. That was it - he was hooked, joining the Board in 2020.  He currently serves as Treasurer of the Board.

Randy Bond 

Randy oversees our trail system and works with volunteers to maintain our 10 miles of trails.  He has fond memories of working on the farm as a kid, and rediscovered Cracker Box Palace in 2012 after retiring. He has served as a board member for 6+ years.

Janet Halasinski  
Janet heads scheduling services for the construction management firm the Pike Company.  And that's a good thing for us.  Outside of her day job, Janet, a bundle of energy and creativity, can often be seen at the farm, overseeing a lot of the work to be done and planning our future.  Janet is Secretary to the Board.

Andrew Muldoon  
Andrew is Vice President of Philanthropic Engagement at the Rochester Area Community Foundation.  He joined the board in 2020, just in time for the creation of our new Vision and Mission Statements, and for the renewal of our effort to connect to the wider community. His love of animals and deep appreciation for land preservation are just a couple of reasons he serves on the board.

Hank Stuart  

Hank has had a highly successful career in finance and investments but locally he is at least as well known for the extensive work he does with non-profits, foundations and charities.  He brings that focus as well as his background in leadership to the board, where he serves as Vice-President.


Sara Buys - Farm Director

Sara has fond memories of toddling around Alasa Farms with her grandparents as a young child. Her love of nature and the outdoors grew with every hour spent on the farm and exploring Second and Third creeks. She trained her first horse at the age of twelve. With over twenty years of experience training and handling horses, plus her desire to be in the great outdoors, she found her way back to the farm to work as our Farm Director. You will usually find her around the horses, in a barn, checking pastures, or working in the office. 

Our amazing team of staff members include barn managers, animal care specialists, veterinarians, farriers, vet technicians, and office staff. 










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