How can I adopt or foster care an animal from Cracker Box Palace?
We always love it when an animal from the shelter gets a new, loving, permanent home or even gets a trial 3 month run with our foster care program.Foster care is a great way to get to know your new adoptee or try the new situation out with your family. And in foster caring for an animal, costs and services provided for the animal are sometimes considered for a tax deductions. It helps the new owner out and also gives us here at the shelter a break to keep spots open for new animals to come in. I wish I could say it was easy to just come in and get an animal, but we do have an adoption/foster care procedure that we follow. Our goal is always to try and match up the right people with the knowledge and experience to enjoy their new ward once they take them home.

First you will be asked to fill out an adoption application. We do follow up on our references and back ground checks, usually followed by a home visit to see where the animal would be kept. Then appointments need to be made to come to the farm and work with the animal you’re hoping to adopt. We do like to see people come and work with their choice of animal a couple weeks before they leave the farm.  It is important for us to know everyone, animal and human, are going to get along and enjoy their new family together.

For Rabbit adoptions-- we partner with The House Rabbit Society and all rabbits are required to have indoor housing and supervised outside time.

And just as a note of caution for the Easter Season, we discourage people from going out and buying a bunny, chick or duckling for an Easter present. These animals can live up to 10 – 12 years and need daily care. We encourage people that would like to try having a rabbit as a pet to “Foster the Easter Bunny” from us! You can ‘borrow’ a rabbit for up to 3 months from the farm for free. If you decide at the end of the program you’d like to adopt your rabbit, you can. But if you find that it doesn’t work out, you can return your rabbit to the farm.

Obviously, in some cases due to distance, that’s not possible, so other arrangements can be made. Cracker Box Palace then holds ‘title’ to the animal for the first year to be sure there’s no problems. After a successful year, titles are considered to be with the new family.

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Download our animal adoption application here:

Adoption Application

At any given time, we have somewhere around 120 animals on the farm, many waiting for forever homes. Horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, ducks and chickens, rabbits, turkeys, peacocks, to name just a few. 

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