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The farm is open to visitors 10:00 am – 3:00 pm daily. Self guide tour maps are available at any of the big barns. Guided tours are available by appointment only. No adoptions, admissions, or guided tours on Sundays or Mondays.

Plans for 2012 and how can you help?
Roll Up Your Sleeves, Plan On Getting Dirty and VOLUNTEER!!!
Our Planning Committee for 2012 has already met and scratched their heads over the wonderful prospects of the future farm and how to get ‘r done! This is our tentative first quarter schedule for 2012’s work and event projects. Can you help? Let us know! Email Kris King, Volunteer Coordinator at and come to an orientation!


  • 7th – 10 am Board Meeting at the office –Review Hay inventory! Plan on buying hay!!!!
  • 14th – Orientation – 9:30 am till noon Kris
  • 19th – 7pm LART Meeting at the Bunk House
  • 25th – 6pm Planning Committee Meeting – Topics: Farm Camp and Youth Programs, Fundraisers, Maple Syrup, Gala Ball, Gift Shop and Web Store, Visitor Center, Easter Egg Hunt, Vet Clinic, Historic, Advertising and Publicity, Forestry and Trails, New Event for Spring – Derby Party and Open House*


*Maple Syrup Review
**Museum Possibilities

  • 4th – 10am Board Meeting at the office
  • 11th – Orientation – 9:30 am till noon ‐ Kris
  • 16th – LART Meeting at the Bunk House
  • Feb 18 thru 26th – SCHOOL BREAK


Community Garden planning meeting!
*Large Animal Chute and Stocks
**Fix lower barns at Cow Barn

  • 3rd – Gala Ball Coordinator: Shelene Lochner
  • 4th – 11th Animal Book Collection for the Farm Camp Library –Maryanne Whyte
  • 10th – Orientation 9:30 am till noon Kris
  • 15th – LART meeting 7pm at the Bunk House
  • 28th – 6pm Planning Meeting – Annual medical for animals, Youth Programs, Forestry and Trails, Gift Shop and Web Store, Visitors Center and Tours, Vet Clinic, Historic, Hay Production, Bunk House, Trail Rides, Fundraisers, Community Gardens, LART training, Parades and Community Events, Advertising and Publicity, Derby Party
  • 31st – Easter Egg Hunt at the farm ‐ Still needs a coordinator!


  • Finalize the sale of the farm! $500,000 plus closing.
  • Get a temporary roof on the Main House! $13,500
  • Acquire 5000 bales of hay
  • Finish LART team’s emergency trailer and equipmentneeds, conduct May training class
  • Fix West Barn basement floor and drainage problem
  • Add plumbing to Baby Barn
  • Develop Office Staff to keep the office manned on a regular basis
  • Finish and open Bunk House for stays at the farm


  • Plant fields to provide hay fields on the farm. Buy equipment to harvest hay. Tetter, rake, elevator, square balers, round balers and wagons.
  • Develop a Garden Club at the farm to handle the flower gardens, berries, community garden etc.
  • Historic Study of the farm underway with the architect.
  • Boost Youth Services and help Maryanne find teachers and counselors to expand the educational programs
  • Revamp Pony Shed for the sheep and llama
  • Events – Coordinators, publicity and sponsorship.
  • Painting the barns and buildings.
  • Expand Gift Shop
  • Add West Barn parking lot
  • Develop a group that can handle the communityoutreach; parades, booths at events, school
  • presentations
  • Work on Visitor Center, reopen the Museum
  • Finish medical building at the Cow Barn. Develop forestry and conservation plans including preserving wildlife habitats and sustainable logging,
  • Develop a sugar bush, trail completion and campsite plans


  • Low Cost Vet Clinic
  • New Horseback riding programs at the farm.
  • Trail Riding Club and three rides on our new trails
  • New Wildlife Preserve Volunteers & Supporters are how we Get R Done!


Let us know if you can help!

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